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Destiny Christian University's vision is to teach & equip students in the Word & in challenging practical Christian service through the impartation of knowledge, experience & the anointing. DCU brings a balance between the academic & practical approach in ministry. Our curriculum is designed to develop every area which is vital for stability, strength, & growth in a ministry, church, or minister. The coursework covers a wide variety of relevant topics.

This year brings to the Christian exciting new challenges & opportunities. God has endowed us with potential far beyond what most of us realize. Now is the hour for commitment to Bible knowledge & practical training for Christian living & service. DSM offers dynamic classroom instruction in vital Christian areas of leadership, practical theology, doctrine, the Holy Spirit, worship, & prophetic ministry.

From those active in full-time ministry, to those just starting out, to those wanting to learn more about the Bible, DCU has something for every Christian at every level in their walk. DCU aims to equip students as leaders, plant churches, give a Biblical education & develop individual character.


DSM Bachleor & Masters Program
Christian Counseling Institute
DSM Doctorate Program
Honorary Doctorate Application

EACM Honorary Doctorate Requirements:

Must be an EACM member in good standing.

At least 35 years of age

10 Years in Ministry, Serving the Lord


The cost for the application is $1000 and the renewal fee is $100 per year.  

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Christian Counseling Institute
DSM 3 Year Class Schedule


500 Terry Francois Street 

San Francisco, CA 94158

Tel: 123-456-7890

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