True Champion

Rev. Bessie Berry


In the book of Psalms 89:20 -23, God declared, I have found David, my servant, with my holy oil I have anointed him, with whom my hand will be established, my arm will strengthen him, the enemy will not deceive him, nor the son of wickedness afflict him... I will crush his adversaries before him...


Somewhere in the fire of being placed in challenging situations, a real champion shall emerge, Ps. 89:14, David declared, Righteousness and Justice are the foundation of your Throne, o God!


Yes, God searches for Champions! He is looking for the Champion Spirit that he has placed within our own souls, it is there in the very place, to reveal the presence of the Lord, his righteousness, and to show his Glory through Jesus Christ.


As we empty ourselves, he fills us with more of Him, his power and nature, that we may go forth as champions, crushing all of the enemies plans that is designed to stop the will of God for us. As we walk with God, he fills us with everything that we will need to conquer the enemy. He has carefully prepared us for battle, knowing fully well that our day of encounter will come.


As David went to the Valley of Elah to take provisions to his brothers, there was this one Goliath who defied the armies of Israel, Goliath had defeated all who had challenged him before David. But David knew, that he was ready, He said to Saul, when I was in the field with my flock, a lion and a bear came to destroy my sheep, I killed both the lion and the bear with my bare hands, so this uncircumcised philistine shall be as one of them.


So Goliath challenged, and David accepted the challenge, as he knew that the battle was not his, but the Lord's. So then, David took 5 smooth stones, he only needed to use one to defeat Goliath and part of that victory was that, he cut off his head. All Israel cheered!


So whatever our challenge may be, God will show us what weapon to use. One of my own challenges took me deep into the battle, yet I did not face it alone. Some years ago, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and was given by doctors only 2 years to live, God caused me to triumph, I fought in faith, but the battle was the Lord's. It was the time when I had to trust him completely as David did, it was what set me apart as a warrior who went from weakness to strength and power.  The strength of the warrior is revealed through hard trials and challenges, it is never our own strength, but the wise and awesome God. We will always come forth victorious, because God has surely placed within us the fire of a true Champion.***