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Prophetic Word for the Year of 2023

Word Spoken on Sunday, January 1st 2023

By: Dr. Sherill Piscopo – EACM Founder & Overseer


“And I say unto you, this is a new season, and it is a new time where it is out with the old and in with the new. In with My refreshing. For I tell you, it is a season where I will activate your faith like never before. Activate your faith! Put down the doom and gloom, put down the negative! For I say to you hope! Hope is everything, especially in Me. I say to you this will now be a time of turning things around! Turning around. For I say to you even now where you stand turn around! Turn around, turn around, turn around! I’m going to turn around your finances, I’m going to turn around your situations, I’m going to turn around your families, I’m going to turn it around! Cause this is a season of turn around. And I tell you inflation garbage! Inflation?! That doesn’t even mean anything to Me! For I will take inflation and deflate everything! For I tell you, My people will not lack! My people will rise above, for I am bringing justice this year, I’m bringing justice in this year. For I say to you that this is a season of turn around, and you will see signs, wonders, and miracles like never before! For it’s a season where I’m bringing My people forth. So activate your faith! Activate it! Believe Me! Trust Me! Believe Me! Trust Me, says the Lord.”


*You can view and listen to this prophecy on our YouTube channel @Evangel Christian Churches. Video titled: New Years Day Morning Service LiveProphecy begins at 30:02 time mark.

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