Defeating the Beast of Pride to Prepare for the Bride of Christ


Dr. Kim Stone


Please note; There is nothing wrong with being proud of someone’s accomplishments as a form of encouragement, that word is used a lot in society and can only be used as an adjective, it is not at all interchangeable with pride. These are two very different things. Pride is the Bible reference, noun or verb that puffs up one’s own superiority and importance as being better than someone else’s.  (Matthew 23:12)


God is for the advancement of one kingdom only…. His own.  God has zero tolerance for those motivated by their pride. It is a stench in His nostrils. When pride was found in Lucifer, (Isaiah 14:12-15) that was reason enough for him to be removed from Heaven, and his place was found no more there. Lucifer was a leader, removed from service by God. 


As a believer I can think of nothing worse than for God to find pride in me. I love God, and desire to be in His presence for all eternity, given a choice of pride or God, I choose God. Satan is well aware of my attitude of heart. I was warned that he desired to sift me like wheat. My faith in God was put to the test……Some would say, “How close can I get to the world and still have Christ in my body?” But I would say, “How close can I get to Christ and still have breath in my body?” That was my constant pondering and praying over many months.  


One day I had a revelation in my spirit man… I felt the heart of Christ encircling every one of my cells in my heart individually, and then covered my entire heart with what was left of His own. I heard the words, “Is that close enough”? There are no words in my vocabulary to describe what I felt in that moment, it was so Holy and intimate. I just nodded my head yes. All of a sudden, I heard these words, “The Father has something to say about that”, the same instant I felt as if my heart was taken right out of my body and lifted into heaven. Not long after that I became aware that satan wanted to test me. I told God that I despise the devil and didn’t want his grimy claws anywhere near me. I reminded God that I belong to Jesus and He can do anything with me that He pleases.


I was in the kitchen doing dishes when Jesus appeared to me, He said the Father wanted me to come into His presence, but without the blood. I didn’t even think of the consequences, I instantly agreed. As was my habit, I went in my quiet place to pray. An angel came in between me and the throne room of Grace. He spoke these words “You cannot come in here like that”, and gently pushed me, in that instant I felt as if my entire heart was shattered, not one cell of my heart was attached to another. That was the only time in my life I experienced the total absence of God’s presence. For me, that is hell. I don’t ever want to feel that empty void again. 


Immediately satan was standing in front of me, he appeared as a man. He spoke and said, “come, worship me”. My entire body was still shaking from being shattered, this is what I told the devil. “Though He slay me, yet will I praise Him. All God’s judgements are right, just, and true. Even if I have to remain in this place and never speak a word for all eternity, I will never worship you.” A while later I was still in shock after what just happened, but now standing leaning my head against the wall.  I began to praise and worship the Lord. Then I thought, am I even allowed to do that?  All of a sudden satan was in the room, he had a sense of urgency as he reached to open up my chest to see my heart, but it was gone. I looked him right in the eyes and said, “I already gave it away.”  I will never forget, satan had the look of absolute terror in his eyes. God had already protected my heart before the test even began. Thank you, Jesus! I am eternally yours. (John 10:27-30) That test of my faith was over two decades ago, I still get choked up just thinking about it.  


Getting back to the subject of pride….

Pride is what fuels the enmity in man’s carnal nature. Carnality has always been and forever will be at war against God’s Spirit nature within us. (Romans 8:7-8) The carnal nature is at the root of our sinfulness. Sin will always take us further from God than we want to go, sin will keep us trapped in its grip for longer than we want to stay, and sin will cost us way more than we want to pay. 


The most dangerous pride of all is religious pride. I say this due to the eternal implications and influence the church has on how people view God and each other. No one people group is more important than any other. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, how much money you have, whether you attend the same church, what language you speak, what color you are, or what country you live in. We are all the same; yet all unique and different uniting together as brothers and sisters in Christ.  (1 Corinthians 12:12-31) 


So many believers are on the lookout for the one with the mark of the beast; 666 - the mark of man. I tell you, we all have a carnal nature and the potential is in every man to have that mark. (Revelations 13:18) For many of us the only beast we need to defeat is our own carnal nature, to keep it in check and under the obedience of Christ, each and every day. 


I have watched shifts in the spirit realm come in between relationships to divide and conquer. Mostly due to petty carnal disputes, Christians puffing themselves up with the intent to knock a brother or sister down. The judgements they bring only backfires on themselves. God’s word is a powerful two-edged sword, you can’t wield it out without it coming back into you again. We need to be especially mindful to pray for those that hurt and despitefully use us. Where humility overcomes pride, repentance takes hold and things can be made right with God and each other. Healing and restoration are then possible. (Ephesians 4:2)


Over time, I have learned to be thankful for the carnal nature. Without it I would have never known I needed a Savior. It exposes my own lack and inability within my own strength to be right with God. As a result, I know I need the continual flow of the blood of Jesus. The blood cleanses me, purifies me, and clothing me in humility. Only then am I able to enter into God’s throne room of Grace. What an honor, what a privilege, to be in right relationship with God, spiritually alive, and entering in to worship God in all His glory and holiness. (Hebrews 4:16) (Romans 5:9)


There is only one Bride of Christ. Jesus is coming back for His bride, whole, complete and connected.  If God were to ask us today how the wedding preparations are going, what would we tell Him…. Am I actively preparing? Am I right with God to where I have the tools to help to prepare others?


When I ponder the bride, I think on the Hebrew word (echad). News  defines echad as…. The key for both Jews and Christian’s to learn the correct concept of our God is the word echad. Echad is the Hebrew word for one, but more precisely it means a single entity, but made up of more than one part. Jesus said, “I and The Father are one (echad) I desire you to be one (echad) as we are one (echad )”.  If we are not echad we cannot be the bride.  


To those that believe, Jesus gives the power to become the sons of God. Coming to Christ, we have the power to become the sons of God. (John 1:12) It is those of us that walk in the Spirit that are the sons of God (Romans 8:14), empowered and advancing His Kingdom authority wherever we go.


We, leaders (Romans 4:11-13) have the greater responsibility as equippers for the kingdom of God. We are not of this world.  Our citizenship is Heaven. Therefore, we are to live out our lives here clothed in the humility of Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit of God. We are the five fold ministry, called by God to be a living example, giving a clear direction so others can follow. We come along side, encouraging all believers to grow to maturity in the character and nature of God. 


Jesus came to reconcile us to the Father, we can only fulfill that mission given to us if we are also open to reconciling with each other. (2 Corinthians 5:18, 20) Be exhorted, crucify pride and walk in humility. Then we can begin the process of being the one (echad) Bride that Christ is returning for. United together in Spirit and in Truth. (2 Corinthians 11:2, Rev.19-7)






Be blessed… Be a blessing, 


Dr. Kim Stone