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May 2022 Newsletter  | 




Prayer for the City of (Say Your City Name) to grow spiritually and financially 


Heavenly Father and Almighty God, today, we send out the King of Glory’s Edict/His order over the city of (Say Your City Name). That the city continue to grow spiritually and financially. 


We decree an increase in spiritual knowledge that the city of (Say Your City Name) receives from Holy Spirit, and it is transformational. Mindsets are being renewed, hearts are being changed, souls are being saved, barns are being full, and love is being displayed by the word of God. We decree that the city of (Say Your City Name) residents have a hunger and thirst for righteousness.  That they enter into an intimate relationship with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit; that is causing them to advance in their spiritual growth. The city satisfies their righteous craving as they meditate in Gods words both day and night, night and day.

The word of God takes deep root in their hearts and it grows and produces Godly fruit of love, acts of kindness, acts of service, humility, and comfort to one another. 

We declare that (Say Your City Name) is a city where the residents care for one another, is compassionate, helps the down trodden and does good to one another. They Take good care of the elderly, the widows and the children. (Say Your City Name) is a city that loves the Lord God with all of their heart and loves one another. The city manifests the Love of God.


We declare that the city of (Say Your City Name) residents are quick to forgive one another, and they bear much fruit in every good work; and the spiritual fruit will remain.

The city of (Say Your City Name) are working their Faith and their Faith is working for them. 


Further, a decree goes out that the city of (Say Your City Name) are growing financially, and its economy is increasing not by power nor by might but by the Lord’s Spirit.  The city of (Say Your City Name) shall have prosperity and have good success. Their wealth is being increased in every good work. The city is blessed to be a blessing. For the blessings of the Lord makes the city rich and adds no sorrow at all. The fruit of the city’s generosity produces thankfulness to God. The city of (Say Your City Name) are givers therefore they receive financial blessings in good measure; pressed down, shaken together and running over are they abundantly receiving from others. The Lord is blessing our land and is making the city the head (the leader for other cities) and not the tail the follower of the world. The city is above financially and not beneath their financial means. The city of (Say Your City Name) are the lenders and not the borrowers, and debt is eradicated. The city of (Say Your City Name) has a "Spirit of Goshen" upon it, where there is no lack and the city have more than enough. It is abundantly blessed with all spiritual blessings. We decree That the city of (Say Your City Name) has the Philippians 4:19 blessing upon them.  Yahweh provides for its needs and is also supplying everything according to his riches in Glory; including but not limited to protection, abundance, favor, grace, prosperity, success, enjoyment, rain, and revival. 


Finally, we declare these truths are spiritually binding on the city of (Say Your City Name) and we decree it is so and so it is.  In the Name and Authority of Jesus Christ/Yeshua. Amen


Pastor Sheryl Lloyd

EACM- House of Comfort Ministry